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    Tackling the seemingly impossible is at the roots of VMware’s origin. At VMware, we continue to cultivate a culture of innovation where curiosity meets execution, building technology that impacts the future. This is reflected in what we call the VMware Innovation Engine, fueled by three main sources: (1) The VMware global R&D teams and the powerful software portfolio it creates brings innovation to accelerate our customers' digital transformation; (2) Corporate Development expands and enhances our product lines through strategic acquisitions, partnerships or investments; (3) The Office of the CTO explores and inspires research and innovation throughout VMware with our diverse program portfolio.


    The Joy of Innovation

    VMware’s innovation comes from a bottoms-up approach keeping us at the forefront of technology. Listen to the stories of our people who finds joy in innovating and solving hard problems everyday to be a force for good in the world.


    VMware’s Office of the CTO (OCTO) charter is to look over the horizon – exploring, inspiring, and innovating to impact the future. OCTO is driving innovation programs and research, while connecting technologists from academia, to our field, to our customer and partner communities. In addition, we are focused on how VMware relates to the Open Source community and our Sustainability initiatives to positively impact and shape the future.


    Inventing the Future Together

    Extraordinary ideas that will transform tomorrow are born today. VMware Research and its Academic Program are home to industry researchers, university faculty, and students from around the world who are collaborating to develop ideas that will influence the future of technology.

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    Inspiring Innovation Everywhere

    Inspired by the drive, passion and intellectual curiosity our teams have for technology, we are committed to providing diverse innovation programs that inspire members of the VMware community to explore the possibilities. VMware team members are encouraged and empowered to constantly challenge the status quo, ask "what if" and explore new technologies.

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    Collaboration Is Core to Our Values

    Collaboration and a keen interest in technical excellence are core to VMware’s values. VMware actively engages with the open-source community through contributions to exiting projects, as well as developing, releasing and leading new open-source projects and initiatives.

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    We Are a Force for Good

    Our mission is to leave ahead a better future—to put back more into the environment, society and the global economy than we take—and to inspire our employees, customers and partners to do the same. To us, the seemingly impossible is possible. And we work to provide it every day.

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    4 Hypervisors + 1 Server = 0 Nesting

    4 Hypervisors + 1 Server = 0 Nesting

    Today’s VMworld US keynote included a demo where we ran four hypervisors concurrently on the same x86 server, and none of the hypervisors were nested. While on the surface that might seem impossible, the magic that made it all happen was our continued work on running ESXi on 64-bit Arm platforms.

    VMware Blockchain – VMworld State of the Union

    VMware Blockchain – VMworld State of the Union

    It’s hard to believe that only a year ago, at VMworld US 2018, we announced?Project Concord, an open-source blockchain stack with a scalable byzantine fault tolerant engine at its core. A few months later, at VMworld Europe 2018, we announced the beta of the commercial solution – VMware Blockchain – that is built on top of Project Concord.?

    Post Quantum Cryptography and the Approaching Storm

    Post Quantum Cryptography and the Approaching Storm

    There is no shortage of excitement surrounding recent advancements in quantum computing! Whether it’s company press releases on new prototypes and products (e.g., IBM Q System OneIonQ), academic research on quantum applications or the physics of qubits (e.g. molecular simulationsingle-photon emitters), or government-related announcements on new research initiatives (e.g., National Quantum InitiativeStanford Q-FARM), a steady flow of developments has kept us on the edge of our seats. The science behind it all has provided a heady list of technical issues to follow.